We saw images of many Bollywood celebrities leaving to Durban for South Africa India Film and Television Awards (SAIFTA) and now we hear that quite a few are falling in love over there. Well, we mean they are falling in love with the place. Actor Sidharth Malhotra is visiting the place the first time and he says that the place has evoked romantic feelings in his heart. Sidharth was able to get a sneak peek of the exotic beaches and landscape from his hotel window and he loved it. "It's my first time in Durban.

I haven't seen the place yet, but whatever I can see from my hotel's window, I feel like lip-syncing romantic songs on the beaches," said actor who made his Bollywood debut in Student Of The Year. Sidharth is all set to perform at SAIFTA and it looks like he is ready to put his best foot forward. Sidharth Malhotra's Love At First Sight On the other hand, we have Karan Johar too who is visiting the city for the first time and is yet to explore it, but Karan Johar, one of the top filmmakers in Bollywood, says he is open to shoot in the country, which offers a great combination of scenic beauty and infrastructure. "South Africa offers exquisite locations that our celluloid world has already witnessed, and it has tremendous infrastructure for film production," said Karan.

Karan said he would definitely like to shoot in the country, known for its natural beauty, and which has a large Indian Diaspora. "The combination of the two factors - the inherent beauty of the place, coupled with the infrastructure and their keenness for us to visit - will definitely result in something great," he said. "In fact, the film that was immensely popular this year - Aashiqui 2 - was also shot here. I hope industry leverages the opportunities here," added the 41-year-old Karan.

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