We are still wondering what's going wrong between Ranbir Kapoor and his Besharam co-star Pallavi Sharda, who has reportedly given a miss to an event due to the former's presence at the do. As per the media reports, Ranbir has been trying to avoid Sharda on the sets of Besharam over some unknown reasons. Possibly, this is the reason why debutant Sharda too doesn't want to face Kapoor anywhere off the sets.

Is Pallavi Sharda Trying To Avoid Ranbir Kapoor? As per a leading daily, Pallavi Sharda was absent at the media launch of her first Bollywood movie Besharam, while Ranbir Kapoor and the film's director Abhinav Kashyap were present at the do. While a few sources has claimed that Pallavi couldn't make it to the event, due to her hectic schedule, a few others told the daily, "Pallavi and the rest of the cast were never supposed to be part of this function". Sources also claim that the actress couldn't attend the do, since she was very tired and had to leave after her film's shooting got over.

But, if the ongoing tension between the two actors is any indication, it seems like the latter's indifference towards Sharda is possibly the reason why she chose to give a miss to the media launch of Besharam. Ranbir is known for getting allegedly involved in romantic relationships with most of his beautiful female co-stars, but as per rumours, the actor doesn't really bother and interact much with Pallavi Sharda, that has in return upset the actress.

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