Unlike several top-notch Bollywood superstars, Salman Khan has always refrained from kissing onscreen. In fact, last year, we had seen his former rival Shahrukh Khan breaking the 'no kissing policy' with Katrina Kaif in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. But, for Salman, the concept of onscreen liplocks doesn't really excite him, hence he's been loyal to his 'no liplock' policy in movies.

Talking about his decision of not kissing in films, Salman Khan said during an interview that he doesn't like liplocking in reel life. Moreover, his mother watches his movies, hence, he's not at all comfortable doing such scenes in his movies. Sallu, who was at his jovial best, said that people should enjoy kissing in real life, and not in reel.

"I have never done kissing scenes in my films. One should enjoy kissing in real life. There's no point in kissing onscreen," Salman said. Further talking to the media persons, the superstar said that he gets irritated when the media repeatedly attacks him with the same old, marriage related queries. As per Sallu, it's his life and his wish, so the media need not interfer or bother about his bacherlorhood status.

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