Ganesh Chaturthi, over the years, has played an essential part in the lives of Bollywood stars. Every year we see the who's who of the film fraternity paying homage to Lord Ganesha. Hrithik Roshan is no different and every year he conducts Ganesh puja with his family and close ones. Hrithik is usually accompanied by his wife Suzanne, sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

This year too, Hrithik celebrated the festival and mingled with the crowd en route to Juhu beach to perform the Visarjan. But this time around, the absence of a certain 'someone' was a surprise for everybody. We are talking about none other than his wife, Suzanne Roshan. If we are not wrong, according to the pictures which surfaced on the internet, she was nowhere to be seen during the whole puja. Every year she makes an appearance with her hubby and children but this time she decided to give the puja a skip. Even though Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik's son were present, Suzanne was missing from the whole event.

Is Suzanne Avoiding Hrithik? As we had earlier reported, Suzanne had also made a blink and miss appearance at her father in law's birthday bash. She was in the party for barely half an hour when she decided to leave with her family even when the close friends of the veteran filmmaker were still present at the party. Well, doesn't it look like Suzanne is intentionally keeping her distance from someone in the Roshan family? Shhhh...we are not saying anything! We do not know who it is and what is the reason behind her aloofness from the family but we hope all problem subsides (if there is any) and everything returns to normal in the Roshan family.

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