Govt. Model Engineering College Thrikkakara has announced the launch of the online events of its National Techno Managerial Symposium Excel 2013. Starting today, the wide variety of online events in various fields such as virtual stock market, puzzle solving, C coding, artificial intelligence, basic electronics, photography and even hacking is expected to steal the attention of online enthusiasts this Onam season. The posters of the various online events published in social networking sites including facebook, have spread viral and traffic to the official website is rising at an exponential rate.

“The website has received 5,60,500 hits from Sept 1st to 14th 2013 and this number is expected to multiply 5 times once the online events gather steam” said Sanjay Jacob Johny, computer science student at MEC and the coordinator for online events at Excel 2013.

As a technical symposium with one of the largest collection of online events, Excel 2013 beckons not only tech enthusiasts. A few of the general online events include ‘Kryptos’ which will witness participants solving complicated puzzles and connecting inconceivable clues and hints. ‘Dalal Bull’, another attraction, is an online virtual stock market event incorporating real time stocks and virtual money. 'Pixeluz' is aimed at photography enthusiasts. Entries of photos received are posted every week in the facebook page of Excel 2013- Excel Mec.

For engineering students, Excel 2013 offers other online events as well - ‘Hackmaster’, an online event consisting of different levels of problem-solving, mainly related to web site hacking, password recovery, cryptography and steganography, ‘#include’ - an online coding event ,and ‘Web Bots’ which requires participants to program the Artificial Intelligence for simple ‘bots’ and so on. ‘Extrinsicity’ is aimed at Electronics majors and will challenge them to solve various problems using their knowledge on electronics.

Working professionals have an exclusive segment which contains an online event as well. The event ‘TAG! You’re IT!’ challenges professionals to come up with witty taglines for the images provided, with weekly prizes and more for the best taggers.
“No other college in Kerala has ever hosted this high number of online events. Work on the website started in January and the team is really happy with the results ” said Vishnu K, Chairman of Excel 2013.

Budding engineers, other graduates, high school students and even working professionals across the nation will soon come together to unleash their technical and creative skills at ‘Excel 2013', which will be held at Govt. Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara from Sept. 26th to 28th.

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