Trisha Krishnan has won millions of hearts and has one of the highest fan followings among South actresses. The actress, who entered the film industry with a small role in Tamil movie Jodi way back in 1999, is undoubtedly a top actress, whose name are widely searched by netizens. Probably, this has made her a Most Dangerous Celebrity on internet! Well, we are not saying this, but a leading global computer security software company's survey says the story.

McAfee conducted a survey and discovered the most dangerous celebrity on net in Tamil Nadu. The study says that many infected websites carry the name of the actress and found 80 infected sites, which used her name. The security technology company studied about Tamil celebrities, popular names, actors, culture and politicians, and ranked Most Dangerous Celebrity online. It was based on the risk quotient factor. The survey throws light on the cyber criminals, who exploit the fans' craze on their favourite celebrities.

Cyber criminals pull viewers with celebrity names and drive to the malware sites. They steal passwords and personal information from the unsuspecting users. Generally, people land in such pages with a fascination to see wallpapers, photos, videos and mostly-searched nude pics keywords.

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