A Life Plan

Max Life Life Gain Plus® 20/25 Participating Plan
(20 Years Policy Term (UIN: 104N014V01), 25 Years Policy Term (UIN: 104N015V01)

Life is a journey for us, and throughout our journey we come across many obstacles, milestones and crossroads. Many external factors like rising prices, increasing responsibilities catch us off guard and affect our lifestyle. During such periods, our heart longs for a holiday where we could just relax with our loved ones.

Max Life Life Gain Plus® 20/25 Participating Plan provides a unique opportunity where you could just relax without worrying about your lifestyle. It's like an extended vacation from where you need not come back, because your wealth continues to grow and your lifestyle is guaranteed.

Policy Features

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit – 110% of Sum Assured Plus accrued bonuses, if any.
Guaranteed Death Benefit – 200% of Sum Assured Plus accrued bonuses, if any, from 5th policy anniversary onwards
Flexible Bonus Options
Limited Premium Payment Term

Maturity Benefits

Upon maturity of the policy, we shall pay you 110% of the Sum Assured together with Sum Assured of all paid up additions (if any)

Death Benefits

Upon death of life insured in the first five years of policy enforcement – 100% Sum Assured plus sum assured of paid up additions, if any.
Upon death of life insured after five years of policy enforcement – 200% of the Sum Assured plus sum assured of paid up additions, if any.

Bonus Options:

From third policy year onwards, you may be eligible for bonus and these will be paid out, based on your choice of bonus option:

Cash Bonuses: Bonuses declared paid to policyholder in cash
Premium Offset: Bonuses declared can be used to pay a part of the premium
Paid Up Additions: Bonuses declared can be used to buy single premium endowment benefit, which in turn can increase the Sum Insured and this will mature along with base policy

Please note that bonuses are not guaranteed and may be declared by the Company from time to time.

Terminal Illness Benefit:

Under this plan the Life Insured can avail the terminal illness benefit. With this, the Life Insured has access to a portion of the Policy’s Death Benefit, should he be diagnosed with terminal illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

Rider Options

To enhance the value of your Max Life Life Gain Plus® Participating Plan or customize it to suit your individual needs, you can add the following riders:

Max Life Personal Accident Benefit Rider (UIN : 104C007V02) - Offers you additional benefit against death in an accident or Total and Permanent disability caused by an accident
Max Life Term Rider (UIN: 104B019V01) – It allows you to buy an additional life cover.
Max Life Dread Disease Rider (UIN : 104C010V02) - This rider provides additional benefit against dread diseases
Max Life Waiver of Premium Rider (UIN: 104B018V01) - Waiver of future premiums in case of total disability of life insured due to injury or sickness
Max Life Five Year Term Renewable and Convertible Term Insurance (Non-Participating) Rider (UIN: 104B012V01)- This rider offers renewable additional life cover for a 5 year term with an option to convert to a permanent insurance plan

For more details on the riders and the various terms and conditions, please refer to the rider brochures.

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