Ranbir Kapoor who is a heartthrob in India says he treats love sacred and he wants to keep it on the highest pedestal. The actor who makes girls go gaga reveals that he does not intend to settle for an arranged marriage. "Today's new generation takes its own decisions. I don't think I will go for an arranged marriage, but I am not against arranged marriages," Ranbir said at an interview. The 30-year-old actor admitted that love is very important for him.

"There are lots of ordinary things in life, so love should be extraordinary. I hope I achieve that," said. Ranbir Kapoor is rumoured to be dating Katrina Kaif and this news has be been buzzing for quite sometime now. However, Ranbir neither denies it nor confirms it. "If I am in a relationship and if I talk about it and in case my relationship doesn't work, that puts a lot of pressure on the girl and her reputation. People get very judgemental and our society judges girls a lot," he explained.

"I am single till I get married. Of course, if I get married, I will not hide it, or even if I want to live my life like a free bird," he said. He said that he wants to keep his personal life under the wraps. "I have realised that as much as I can, I should hide my personal life and save it and not make my life a reality show. I will try my best," he added.

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