In the past there were rumours that Shahid Kapoor is not comfortable working with his former girlfriend Kareena Kapoor. However, we now hear that he does not mind working alongside Kareena in a film. "The decision for Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor to work together will never be mine. I have no issues or reservations in taking up a project that features Kareena," expressed Shahid in an interview. Jab We Met was the last film in which we saw Shahid and Kareena act together.

It's been quite a few years since the couple broke up after a serious relationship. The duo impressed everyone with the blockbuster movie Jab We Met in 2007 and the audiences would love to see another such movie with this sizzling chemistry. Will Shahid Work With Ex Kareena? "I have always maintained this. Whichever actor my director feels is best for the role he has in mind, should be roped in. Eventually, we all work on the same film. My so-called reservations and personal comfort zones can't define my work," Shahid added.

Shahid speaks his mind out and tells us about being professional. This shows that he has been evolving as an actor. In regard to comfort zones and preferences of actors, he said it's not the actor who chooses but a filmmaker. "That's not being professional. I feel that even if an actor is cast for the lead role or for any other part in the film, it is my job to do the film and not create an issue," he explained. We hope to see these two actors pair up on screen.

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