Advertising is a form of communication designed to persuade potential customers to choose your product or service over that of a competitor
Successful advertising involves making your products or services positively known by that section of the public most likely to purchase them.
It should be a planned, consistent activity that keeps the name of your business and the benefits of your products or services uppermost in the mind of the consumer.

Why advertise?

The objective of advertising is to increase your profit by increasing your sales. Advertising aims to:

Make your business and product name familiar to the public
Create goodwill and build a favourable image
Educate and inform the public
Offer specific products or services
Attract customers to find out more about your product or service

The rules of advertising

There are four rules to consider when planning any advertising activity – ie: before you prepare and book any form of advertising.

Aim - What is the primary purpose of the advertisement? Is it to inform, sell, produce listings or improve the image of your business?

Target - Who is the target? From which sector of the public are you trying to achieve a response? For example is it male, female, adult, teenager, child, mother, father etc.

Media – Bearing the aim and target in mind, which of the media available to you is the most suitable – ie: TV, radio, press or Internet?

Competitors – What are your competitors doing? Which media channel do they use? Are they successful? Can you improve on their approach and beat them in competition?

Developing effective advertising

Good advertising generally elicits the following four responses:

Attention – It catches the eye or ear and stands out amid the clutter of competing advertisements.

Interest – It arouses interest and delivers sufficient impact in the message or offering.

Desire – It creates a desire to learn more or crave ownership.

Action – It spurs an action which leads to achievement of the ad’s original objective – ie: it prompts potential customers to purchase or use your product or service.

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