MIDItrk is a tracker-style MIDI editor based on SDL-library and RtMIDI-library, so it might well support other kinds of operating systems. This tracker is different from the rest in the orderlist/sequence arrangement, every track (The only up-to-date MIDI-tracker for Linux was Tutka with a similar approach & purpose but it uses blocks.) The MIDI inputs & outputs on your system are automatically detected, you can choose which MIDI-controller and sound engine (e.g. Qsynth sampler) you would like to use. (Press & hold RETURN in instrument-window to list them.)

Keys you can use (very similar to SID-Wizard layout):
F1: play from beginning
F2: from mark (Shift+SPACE)
F3: play selected patterns
F4: stop/continue playback
Ctrl + F1..F4: follow-play
Back Quote: fast-forward
Shift+BackQuote: toggle Follow
Ctrl+BackQuote: Auto-Follow
Shift+SPACE: play from curosr or set mark for all tracks
Ctrl+SPACE: set i mark only
F5: go to pattern-editor
F6: go to orderlist-editor
F7: go to instrument-editor
Alt +/-: Select MIDI-in
Alt ,/.: Select def. Instr
F8: Load Workfile/MIDI
F9: Save Workfile/MIDI
F10: Clear the whole tune
Alt+F11: Toggle FullScreen
F12: Call help
Esc: Quit from MIDItrk
Enter: noteOff/goPatt/GMset
SPACE: Toggle jam/edit modes
TAB: Cycle through tracks
Del/Ins: Delete/Insert + move
BackSpc Del. & advance fwd/bwd
Ctrl+Del/BackSpc. Delete row
Ctrl+Enter: Set pattern-length
Shift/Ctrl+Q/W: Transp.note/octave
Ctrl+C: Copy from cursor-position
Shift+C: Mark end of copying
Ctrl+X: Cut&Copy from cursor
Ctrl+V: Paste at cursor-position
Shift+i..F: Mute/unmute track i..F
Shift+M: Mute/numute the track
Shift+S: Solo/unsolo track
+ / - Inc./Dec. Instrument
Ctrl+0..9: Select note-Octave
Ctrl +/-: Inc./Dec. note-Octave
Shift+H/J: Inc./Dec.Highlight
Shift+A/Z: Inc./Dec. AutoAdvance

The Orderlist at the bottom of the screen holds the track time-line with pattern numbers and 'FE xx' effect. The patterns can hold notes and effects in this fashion:
C-5:0 00-> (note):(velocity i..F) (effect)(effect value)

The file-selector is pretty straight-forward. You can enter a filename with alphanumeric/numeric keys, and you can select folder with cursor/pageUp/Down/Home/End keys to save into. When you enter a folder with ENTER key, you can select filenames with ENTER key.

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