Manoj K Jayan says that he has no issues in acting with his ex-wife and actress Urvashi. He made this statement in an interview given to a prominent Malayalam Channel. Manoj stated that if a role offered to him is good enough and demands to act opposite Urvashi, he is very much ready to do that film.

Manoj K Jayan and Urvashi had a love marriage and Kunjatta is their only daughter. Uneasiness prevailed in their marriage life soon after Urvashi decided to make a comeback in the industry. Manoj, though had no issues with Urvashi's comeback, was not happy with the actress' habits. This led to lack of understanding between them, which ended up in a divorce. They had a legal fight for their daughter, but Kunjatta decided to stay with Manoj. Manoj Has No Issues To Act Opposite Urvashi Manoj K Jayan later married Asha, who also has a daughter from her previous marriage.

Now, Manoj says that he is very much happy with his family life and is blessed of having such a wonderful wife. Adding on, he said that Urvashi is still one of the greatest actress in the industry and has no grudge against her. He confirms that he will not hesitate to act along with her in any of his future endeavours.

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