At one time, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were considered as one of the hottest Bollywood celebrity couples. But their relation did not last long and the couple decided to end the affair. However, it was always said that Ranbir's mother Neetu Kapoor disliked Deepika, that finally led to the couple's split. Though these were considered just rumours, Neetu's recent confession regarding son Ranbir's once-upon-a-time girlfriend is once again making us belief the fact that Dippy had possibly offended the Kapoors.

During an exclusive interview with a leading daily, when Neetu Kapoor was asked about son Ranbir's girlfriend, the former said that she never bothered about his girlfriends. Mrs Kapoor further confessed that she used to get angry with a certain girlfriend of Ranbir, when he was just entering the Bollywood industry. "I used to get angry with a certain girlfriend when he was entering movies, as he would not sleep well," Neetu Kapoor told the daily. Deepika Made Ex-Boyfriend Ranbir's Mom Angry? Well, this statement somewhere indicates that the particular girlfriend in concern is none other than Deepika Padukone, who had dated Ranbir Kapoor during his initial days of Bollywood career.

Also, rumours revealed that Neetu used to find Deepika intolerable and irritating. One of the most-talked about reasons behind this was that Dippy used to stay most of the times at Ranbir's house when she was dating him, even when Ranbir was away for his shoots. Not only this, she used to order the house staff around like she is the owner of the house. It is said that Neetu Kapoor was happy when her son broke off with the leggy lass. However, Neetu never made her feelings visible and was always cordial to Deepika. If Neetu's latest statement is any indication, is it like Neetu is still miffed with Dippy?

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