Katy Perry has revealed that she was once blasted at by veteran journalist, Barbara Walters, for running late for an interview with her.

The 'Roar' hitmaker told Billboard magazine that she shouldn't have done the interview, People Magazine reported.
The brunette beauty recalled that she was stressed and exhausted at the time of the interview because she was performing at the Madison Square Garden that same night and she knew that her marriage with Russell Brand was coming to an end.
The 28-year-old singer stated that on her arrival she immediately apologized for running behind schedule but Walters rebuked her, insisting that she had waited that long for only Judy Garland.
Perry asserted that she couldn't tell Walters before a mega-interview that her marriage was falling apart and she deserved a break.
Perry, who is now dating John Mayer, added that she thought it was cool that Walters had shaded her.

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