Sandalwood actress Prema seems to be very upset with the rumours which said that her health condition is bad. Recently, Prema was seen in Shishira in a different look, which added more to the rumour. In Shishira, Prema had lost weight. It was also said that the actress was suffering from diabetes. Reacting to this, Prema said, "It is all nonsense. I am hale and healthy.

I am having a good family life with my husband. I am doing Yoga to keep a good condition of health." Prema married Jeevan Appachu, a software engineer by profession, who is based out of Coorg. Prema Upset With Rumours About Her Health Talking about her comeback to Kannada film industry, Prema said, "I am looking for a role that has creativity and strength like what Smitha Patil and Sridevi have done in their professional career. After reaching one point of seniority in life, we have to be very careful in picking the roles.

There is no point in doing regular kind of roles." Click here to view more photos of Prema Prema also added that she is in touch with the actresses like Shruthi, Bhavana, Thara Anuradha and Sudharani. "I attend many functions in my home town, Coorg. I am not interested in Television acting or taking part as a judge or participating in reality shows," adds Prema.

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