1.Get Up Early:
For most people getting up early is the main problem. The reason for this is that they do not get enough sleep at night. So, they feel lethargic to get up from the bed. So, work on your sleeping habits and a alarm clock is a must for you if you cannot wake up early.

2.Get Ready The Night Before:
Prepare your lunch box in the night and refrigerate it if it has some perishable items. Decide and lay out your clothes a day before so that you dont have to spend time thinking in the morning. Gather all your keys, cell, wallet and brief case in one place so that you dont have to go hunting for each item in
the morning. Everything set, get to sleep early.

3.Change Your Attitude:
Committ to yourself that you will be at least 15 minutes early for every meeting of the day. So, even if you get late you will be on time. And if you reach early, you can have some time for coffee and casual conversation with your colleagues.

4.Keep Your Watch Accurate:
Some people do not want to get late but silly things like the time setting on their watches do the trick. So, always have your watch matched to your office clock. Set the alarm in the morning two hours prior to your office time.

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