Actress Deepa Sannidhi, who will be seen in Sakkare, which is scheduled to hit the screens on October 18, has refused to talk about her role in the movie. The actress has been paired opposite Golden Star Ganesh for the first time. It is said that Deepa surprised the Sakkare's crew by arriving to the set with band-aid tied to her leg. To add more to this, the director of the movie Abhay Simha said that she has broken her leg.

Expect Deepa and director, none of them are clear if she was really injured, or this is required for the character. Deepa, who was seen normally in the muhurtha of Sakkare, had come to sets with the band-aid after two days. It is also said that Deepa has been featured in the same way in the whole movie, and none of them are aware about Deepa's band-aid secret in the movie. Talking to a leading daily, director Abhay Simha, who refused to reveal Deepa's role in Sakkare said, "I don't want to reveal anything now, just wait for a week, the movie will be in front of you. Till then let it be a mystery."

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