Students those who have been admitted in the self-financing member colleges of the Kerala State Indian Systems of Medicine Self Financing College Management Association (KISMA), under Government merit quota, can render higher options to government or government-aided ayurveda colleges on or before October 13, 2013. The Commissioner for Entrance Examination (CEE) is awaiting a government order in this regard to begin the option registration. A meeting has held by the Chief Minister with the KISMA members on Thursday following which the colleges approved of the same.
The decision was earlier taken by the Admission Supervisory Committee after discussion with KISMA following many complaints from parents and students against the association and its member colleges. There had been wide spread complaints about the denial of opportunities to the students of BAMS, who took admissions in 11 of the Ayureda Colleges and one Sidha Medical College, for BSMS. Because of the non-availability of opportunity to give higher options and shift from member colleges of the KISMA to the Government and the Government aided Colleges, it was alleged that the interest of the student community, as a whole, is being adversely affected.
As per the decision taken during the discussion, the candidates those who have not so far exercised their options and intend to join Ayurveda/Sidha Colleges, may also use this opportunity and register their options with the CEE, for admission to BAMS/BSMS courses of Government Ayurveda Colleges and Sidha College respectively.
The CEE should allot the candidates, who have exercised their options, to the respective colleges as per the options on or before October 19, 2013. Those candidates who have thus been allotted with the seats by the CEE, will have to join the allotted colleges on or before October 23, 2013.
However, the unfilled vacancies that arise thereafter can be filled by the member colleges of KISMA on or before October 30, 2013.

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