One of the most popular books bought by our readers. By the man who invented C++, The C++ Programming Language is the bible of C++. It covers an enormous range of topics (heck, the whole language!) Even better, you'll understand how to use the language features. Stroustrup's writing is dense at times, and parts of this book can often stand to be read multiple times to get the full impact. Nevertheless, the breadth of coverage is astonishing.

This book also serves as an excellent reference, and I keep it handy whenever I'm working with C++. If you have a question about the language, it's almost certainly answered here.

Although this book is so enormously comprehensive it's difficult to pull out a small list of what you'll learn, here are a few things you can get from this book
  • Incredible depth and breadth of coverage
  • Nuanced explanations of the language and its features
  • Descriptions of the corner cases of the language
  • Detailed explanations of the lesser-known language features--become a true expert in the details of C++

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