The allotment to the allied medical courses will be published on October 18, 2013.

As per Government Orders dated October 10 and 11, 2013, those students who have already been admitted to various private self-financing Ayruveda and Siddha colleges by the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE) will also be included in the upcoming allotment. Accordingly, the higher options of the students who got admission to private Ayurveda/Siddha colleges and Engineering/Architecture colleges have been reinstated.

The students can delete or re-arrange the higher options from October 11 till 4 pm on October 16, 2013 on the website .

Those students who are satisfied with the already-allotted course and college should delete their higher options. Those who have already deleted or re-arranged the options on October 4, 2013 should repeat the process as that has not been taken into consideration.

Based on the options received within the stipulated time, the allotment will be announced on October 18, 2013. Those who receive allotment should take admission in the respective colleges on October 19, 21 and 22, 2013.

The college principals concerned should send non-joining reports to CEE by 5.30 on October 22, 2013.

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