If you notice any type of fish, no matter how many times you dab food into the aquarium it will continue to swim upwards and grab its treat. Feeding a guppy fish should be only two to three times a day. Over feeding can result in death. Fish care tip- Live food (worms ) is ideal for a guppy fish.

2.Right type of Aquarium:
The best type of aquarium for guppy fish is a community one, the reason being that they are peaceful in nature. If you want to mix other species of fish with the guppy, make sure that they are not aggressive. A variation of guppy fish forms a beautiful and colourful school.

The guppy fish gives birth to fry and does not lay eggs. Keep a track on the fry soon after they are born. Unlike the adult mother guppy, the fry needs to be fed four times during the day. The water should also be changed thrice in a week. When they are 2 to 2.5 cm long, you can let them live freely with the adult fish, until then rear them in a separate tank.

A heater is good to keep the water warm during winters. A thermometer is also good to keep the temperature (75 80 degree Fahrenheit) stable since the guppy fish is delicate and a filter to provide good quality flow of water. An air stone if needed to supply oxygen and colourful stones for the aquarium to look bright and beautiful. You can also accessorise the aquarium with a small light above, fish do not like to be kept in the dark.

5.Water Change:
Fish tend to dirty the water very fast. Therefore, it is essential to change the water every two weeks. In the case of the guppy fish, changing partial amount of water on a regular basis will help your fish to last long. Fish care tip- If you have adult guppy fish, be careful in changing the water because new water will tend to damage its tail.

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