MP3 Reverse Entropy is a smarter approach to MP3 filename and ID3-tag renaming.
Main Options:
* Track-number auto-detection
* Reset track-number in multi-disc albums
* Move featuring information from title to artist
* Capitalize words in parentheses as artist names
* Fill empty fields from ID3-tag
* Supersede ID3-tag over filename
* Dash is flanked with spaces (before and after)
* Dash is not flanked with spaces
* Remove all track-numbers
* Add/replace track-numbers (incremental)
* Split multiple discs in sub-directories
* Supersede track-list from image file over filename
* Supersede track-list from clipboard over filename
* Manage replace list

Other Options:
* Save last used settings
* Clean all ID3-tags prior to ID3-tag write
* Remember genre
* Remove file/folder read-only attribute (if applicable)
* Rename selected CD cover to 'folder.jpg' and copy to sub-folders
* Probe folder lock status a priori to any actions.

This application uses UltraID3Lib, an MP3 ID3 Tag Editor and MPEG Info Reader Library, and an open source OCR solution.

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