1.Implement bedtime routines:
A glass of warm milk, brushing teeth, saying goodnight or reading a bedtime story will make their bedtime pleasant instead of a scary dream. Following a timetable will help the kid realise that sleeping is a part of their daily routine.

2.Plan beforehand:
Do not ask your child to sleep alone all of a sudden. You should plan and fix the regimen before putting it into action. As the first step, allow them to fall asleep alone even when they sleep with you. Then, let them sleep in daytime alone in a room. When they become familiar with their room, let them sleep alone in night.

3.Eliminate distractions:
Check for any agitating sounds, lights or sight that may grab your kidís attention. It will work if you ask your kid to sleep while you are watching television or playing video games.

4.Assure security:
Letting your child sleep alone doesnít mean that you should avoid your presence. You should make them feel that you are there all around for any need. You can try a Ďten minute visití. Tell them that you will come every 10 minutes and do so until they sleep. This will be an assurance for the child that you are there.

5.Let them fall asleep alone:
The most common mistake done by parents is allowing the kid to sleep and then leave in middle of the night when the kid is deep asleep. This will never assure safe sleep to the child. Allow them to comfort themselves and to fall asleep alone.

6.Spend time in the dark:
If your toddler is afraid of darkness, spending time in the darkness is the only way to solve it. Put off the lights, and spend some time playing any verbal game. Putting off and putting on the lights is also effective to let them know that absence of light will not make any change in the room.

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