Nadodi Mannan, directed by Viji Thamby has been in production for quite some time. A lot is expected from a film made with a budget of Rs 8-9 crore and in that sense, the film might end up in a loss. To give it its due credit, Nadodi Mannan starts off well with the entry of the hero (Dileep) and the humourous proceedings.

However, the narrative gets very slow in the second half and the script falters. What's more, the characters who play Dileep's friends suddenly go missing in the second half. They, including Dileep, retain the interest of the audience in the first half. So their absence post interval is a huge drawback.

You initially begin to feel that this is another Blockbuster for Dileep; but as the story progresses, you can't help, but change your opinion!

Nadodi Mannan is a Romantic comedy packed entertainer in which Dileep (Padmanabhan) plays a village youth, who supplies people to public meetings and gatherings. Once, he gets stuck in Trivandrum city and gets involved with the local pin Purushothaman and that changes his life forever. Padmanabhan gets elected as a mayor of the city and the rest of the plot revolves around how he cleans the mess around.

Ananya plays the character of Meera, who lives in difficult surroundings, but is bold. Archana Kavi plays Aathira, a member of a former royal family, Mythili stars as Rima, a broadcast journalist.

Dileep is as usual brilliant. His comic timing and expressions, specially in the first half is commendable. Siyaji Shinde has made a good Mollywood debut and his acting skills is noteworthy. Special mention should also be made to the dubbing artist as well. Ananya and other stars have done an average fare.

Some of the scenes were shot in front of green screen and that shows the camera angles are good. Script A lack of good script and plot is the biggest drawback of Nadodi Mannan.

Songs are not hummable either. In fact, few of the songs seems forced in.

Watch Nadodi Mannan only if you love Dileep! Otherwise, it's just an average fare.

Cast: Dileep, Ananya, Mythili and Archana Kavi

Director: Viji Thamby

Producer: VS Subhash

Music Director: Vidyasagar

Lyricst: Sarath Vayalar, Anil Panachooran and Rajiv Alunkal

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