Manish Paul, is making his debut in Mickey Virus and he is playing a hacker in the movie. For his role as a Punjabi guy from Delhi, he lost 14 kilos and even built a six-pack. He said that it was tough for him to act as he is so used to being a host on television. On being questioned whose account he would hack, Manish said he would like to hack Katrina Kaif's account.

In an interview with a leading daily, he said, "I really like Katrina Kaif and want to know everything about her, so if I get an opportunity, I would hack her account. But on a more serious note, I would never want to hack into anyone's personal account." Manish says, he is nervous about the fate of his film, but is happy that he is getting recognition and love from fans. He was at a promotional event recently where the girls ripped of his t-shirt to feel his six packs.

He also talked about the transformation he had to bring in himself as he has been playing the role of a host for many years. He says that as an host he had to be loud whereas in the film he has to say dialogues in a subtle way and sometimes just shoot a scene by just displaying his emotions.

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