South actor Siddharth is impressed by Sandalwood's critically acclaimed movie Lucia. The actor, who watched the movie, has called up the director Pawan Kumar and praised him. Director Pawan Kumar has confirmed the news on his micro-blogging site. He posted, "Siddharth called just now... we spoke for about 15mins.. He saw the film Lucia last night n was blown away.

He was at loss of words to appreciate Sathish Neenasam and Shruti Hariharan." Siddharth Impressed By Lucia Lucia, which completed 50 days of its theatrical run in the state, is still running packed house. The movie, which was released on September 6, 2013, has received rave reviews from the critics and audience. Director has also revealed that he is likely to take up a project with Siddharth in the future. He added, "Feels wonderful to receive these kind of calls from stars of other industries... we both also discussed about a possible collaboration in the future.

" The psychological thriller, which had also caught the attention of Tamil icon Kamal Hassan, is about how protagonist suffers from insomnia. How a magic pill called 'Lucia' changes the life of an insomniac is the crux of the film. It has Sathish Neenasam, Shruthi Hariharan, Hardika Shetty and Achyuth Kumar in the lead cast.

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