Isn't that shocking to read? Well, do not let your imaginations fly too high, since the new man in actress Sushmita Sen's life is certainly not the superstar Hrithik Roshan! Reportedly, Sush is currently dating hotelier Hritik Bhasin, with whom she was recently spotted hand-in-hand at a party. As per a leading daily, Sushmita Sen had recently attended a party along with rumoured boyfriend Hrithik Bhasin. We also hear that Sushmita's ex-boyfriend Imtiaz Khatri too was present at the do.

Onlookers told the daily that as soon as Khatri saw Sushmita making an entry with new boyfriend Hrithik Bhasin, the former made "a hasty exit". Sushmita Sen Dating Hrithik? Reportedly, Sushmita broke up with Imtiaz Khatri a while ago. Probably that's why Khatri did not want to face his ex-ladylove, since it would have been an awkward situation for both of them.

As per rumours, Sushmita started dating the 22-year-old Imtiyaz Khatri in 2011. Though neither of them ever admitted their relationship, many believe that Imtiyaz was head over heels for the ex-Miss Universe. But, this affair did not long last, and Sush again found love in a new man named Hrithik Bhasin.

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