Siddharth Bharathan, son of late director Bharathan and actress KPAC Lalitha, had filed a divorce six months back. It has been said that both husband and wife had filed a mutual divorce petition before the family court. The court will grant them mutual divorce today, 29th October. Siddharth and his wife Anju M Das got married in December 12, 2009. Anju is a fashion designer by profession and is settled in Mumbai. After sometime of their marriage, both of them did not find a healthy relationship between each other and started living separately from 2012. This has resulted in a divorce decision. Both of them were comfortable for a mutual divorce and thus the case was filed in the court.

Siddharth Bharathan has proved himself as a good actor as well as a director. He had directed the movie Nidra, which was a remake of the old movie Nidra directed by his father late Bharathan. He has also acted in several movies. He made his debut in the industry with the movie Nammal and had won many accolades for the same.

The divorce petition says that both Siddharth and Anju will not raise any complaint of wealth or any any other form of money matters in future. Last Friday the court had called them for a counselling but both of them were adament in their decision for the divorce. So, the court had asked them to meet today for the official divorce.

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