There is perhaps no one who can claim to have spent more time with Sachin Tendulkar on the cricket field. Having shared numerous partnerships with him in the middle, having seen him bat since the maestro was 15, Rahul Dravid, a batting colossus himself, sure knows the legend and his game inside-out. "What he has accomplished is difficult to replicate," Dravid said at a promotional event in the city on Monday.

"He has never let his standard come down. His love for cricket has been consistent from the age of 16 to even now at 40. I would like that he does well in his last two Tests and signs off with a good performance. I hope he enjoys both these games. He has worked hard for so many years now, so he deserves a good farewell," Dravid felt. "I just want to wish him all the best and say 'thank you' for all that he has done for Indian cricket for the last 24 years," Dravid added.

Would he come to the Wankhede Stadium to watch his final match for India? "I hope to be there. I hope to do some media work around that time," he said.

Dravid felt that while it was impossible to replace a batsman of Tendulkar's class in the Indian team, there are talented batsmen around who can help fill that void to some extent. "There are some good young talented players around. What Virat has been able to do in one-day cricket and Test cricket is quite exceptional. I think India's one-day batting is good as I have ever seen it. Our top six-seven are just sensational," he said.

Dravid has sympathy for Indian bowlers who have disappointed during the on-going ODI series against Australia. "It's been a tough series for the bowlers. It's hard to blame them. I won't be too critical of our bowlers. They are young and inexperienced. With all these field restrictions coming in, it's not easy to be a bowler. What needs to be an acceptable bowling performance for them probably needs to be re-assessed."

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