There is a character in Krrish 3 which has been made by the DNA of a chameleon. The character has been played by Kangana Ranaut and she would be the first superwoman of India. Even though there have been many female superwomen in Hollywood but this is a first for Bollywood. Kangana said that her character in Krrish 3 is not completely dark and it also has a soft side. There were some rumours of a rift between Kangana and Rakesh Roshan during the making of Kites. She rubbished all such rumours and in an interview with OneIndia reporter, Sonika Mishra, talks on the issue and as well as on her upcoming, Krrish 3.

Other actresses want to work with Shahrukh and Salman. Why aren't you part of that race?

Working with the big stars sometimes is very disappointing but if I get the kind of role I have in Krrish, then I will do it. The heroines have been stereotyped in these kind of films, they have one or two romantic scenes, some comedy scenes and the hero has to save them once and in the climax win her over. All this is really boring.

How difficult was it for you to play the role of a superwoman, physically and mentally.

It was more difficult physically as our fight sequences were in a unreal space and it was just raw action. The action director was from China and their fighting style is very different. The scenes involved a lot of cable fights and I had to learn a lot. The action which I do in the movie cannot be done in a month or two. Since my childhood I was athletic and that is the reason it was relatively easy for me.

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