Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom and Supermodel Miranda Kerr have parted ways, bringing their three-year-old marriage to an end. In fact, the two have known each other for six years now. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, who began dating way back in 2007 got married in 2010.

The two have split amicably, reports eonline.com. "In a joint statement, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months," a representative said in a statement. Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr Break Up Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, have a two-year-old son Flynn together and will continue to take care of him as a family.

"After six years together, they have recently decided to formalise their separation. Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family," said the representative. Early this month, the two celebs were spotted in New York having dinner at a posh restaurant with their son Flynn.

The three looked very happy and had a good time walking down the streets of the New York city. It's a year since reports of Kerr and Bloom parting ways doing the rounds. At that time, the two said that all's fine between them. Kerr also said, "I am quite dominant in my career, so what really works for me when I come home, is to relax more into the feminine side." So, it's not known what exactly happened that triggered the separation between the two.

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