Beauty Salon Software is intended for beauty salons and spas. It allows owners to manage their appointments with flexible appointment increments, and to process and track sales, purchases, gift certificates, customer returns and refunds.

1. Daily, Monthly, and Annual tracking of Sales. Returns. Purchases. Credits. Refunds. Gift Certificates. Layaways.

2. Complete Employee, Customer, Vendor Management.

3. Inventory Tracking by department, item, and category.

4. Flexible taxing system which allows you to tax items differently.

5. Create user roles, and easily associate persmissions with each role you create; this way, you can easily control which users are allowed access to what parts of the program.

6. Setup as many tax codes as your business requires, and include as many different tax types under a single tax code as you need. Tax codes allow you to specify multiple types of taxes under the same tax code, and associate the tax code with inventory items. The program bases the tax calculation on the assigned tax code, when an item is sold.

Other features include
* Multiple Bank Account Management utility
* Payroll Tax Estimation Calculater
* Tracking of employee work schedule(s)
* Loan Payment Calculator
* Mailing Label Maker/Printer

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