Ananya was in news earlier when she announced that she is getting married to Anjaneyan. Lots of controversial statements were made after the pictures of the couple came out. Anjaneyan was in no way a good match to the beautiful Ananya, But, now the actress has posted a picture of her and hubby on her Facebook page and it has really surprised all!

Soon after Ananya announced her marriage with Anjaneyan, rumours came out which stated that Anjaneyan is already a married person and that he has two kids. Her parents who supported the marriage then stepped back after hearing these rumours, but Ananya stood with her decision and started living with Anjaneyan.

Anjaneyan was not a good match for Ananya in looks, but Ananya claimed that she never believed in looks and that she is very happy with him as a good human being. Now, the latest picture will see the couple as a perfect match. Anjaneyan has reduced his weight and looks really handsome. Ananya also seems very happy and proud with her hubby's new looks. Yes, Ananya has made all the rumours and talks to stand still and proves that Anjaneyan is a perfect match for her.

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