Manju Warrier, who has become the talk of the town ever since she has announced her comeback, is celebrating her 35th birthday today, 1st November. The actress who was keeping away from the industry after her marriage, has decided to make a comeback after long 14 years. Manju Warrier, as we all know, is a professional dancer.

She came into the industry after becoming the Kalathilakam at the school level. It is very interesting to note that she made her debut in the industry opposite her husband Dileep. It is said that both started dating each other on the sets of Ee Puzhayum Kadannu, the second movie of Manju. Manju And Dileep eloped and got married. It is said that Biju Menon had helped the two in running away and getting married.

Since then, Manju has shelved her career and became a full-time house wife. She hardly came in front of the media. But, people remebered her through her films. They wanted her back in the industry, but the actress showed no interest. Many directors had appraoched the actress to cast her in their movies, but the actress denied all the offers.

Even Dileep was asked many a times about Manju's return, but the actor said that he had no objection in her comeback into films. It took 14 years for the actress to take a decision on her comeback. ADVERTISEMENT Things began changing after a popular actress in the industry got her divorce. Many rumours, including the statements made by the actress' ex-husband and family, stated that Dileep was a major reason for the divorce. Since then, things were not so smooth between Manju and her hubby Dileep.

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