UTV Motion Pictures have unveiled the title designs of their upcoming Vikram Prabhu and Monal Gajjar starring Sigaram Thodu.

Directed by Gaurav Narayanan, Sigaram Thodu title logo is fantastic and cleverly designed to suit the title. While Sigaram Thodu title logo is unveiled today [Nov 1] filmmakers are planning to release the Sigaram Thodu firstlook posters on the auspicious Diwali day on November 2nd.

Sigaram Thodu has music by D. Imman, cinematography by Vijay Ulaganathan and editing by Praveen KL and NB Srikanth among the crew, which casts Sathyaraj, Satish and Kovai Sarala in the key roles.

Vikram Prabhu More Stills

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