Unni Mukundan was the talk of the town after his issue with the director Major Ravi. Both had a clash on the sets of the movie Salaam Kashmir. Now, the latest news about the actor is that, Unni fell into a river and was saved by the villagers.

Unni Mukundan was on the sets of his upcoming movie The Last Supper. He plays a computer hacker in the police department in this film. While shooting, unfortunately the actor got slipped and he fell into the river in Nelliyampathy.

Unni Mukundan was about to get drowned that suddenly some of the crew members as well as the villagers who were assembled on the spot to see the shooting, saved him. Unni is doing fine and has no injuries. The Last Supper also cast Sreenath Bhasi and Arun Narayanan in the lead roles.

The movie tells the story of three friends, who comes to a strange place to explore the mystery of it, and later lands into more trouble.Debutant Vinil is the director of this film. It is produced by S George under the banner of SinSil Celluloid. Shameer Sainu and Deepak Dharaneendran have done the screenplay. Meanwhile, Unni Mukundan said that he will not do any films with Major Ravi in the future.

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