Methil Devika is a dancer, but she became more famous after her marriage with actor Mukesh. Both of them had a secret marriage at Mukesh's residence and later they signed it officially at the Trupunithara Register Office. Unfortunately, the news got leaked and was known to all. By the time the news reached the viewers, media had transformed it as a love marriage.

Both Mukesh and Methil Devika were members of Sangeetha Nataka Academy. Rumours claim that they came closer during this period. But, now Methil Devika speaks about her marriage and says that it was not a love marriage.

"Our's was not a love marriage, but it was an arranged one by our family members," says Methil Devika. She says that it was a friend of Mukesh who came with the proposal at first. She denied it at first, but took it seriously after his sister Sandhya and her husband Rajendran approached her. Their families looked into horoscope and found it matching.

It was later they talked to each other and came closer. Methil Devika says that Mukesh was the head and she was the general councillor of the Sangeetha Nataka Academy, but they never talked to each other. She believes that everything happened due to fate and nothing else. Mukesh's ex-wife Saritha claims that their marraige is illegal and she plans to move legally for justice.

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