Vineeth Sreenivasan seems to be a bit tensed. His movie Thira is all set to get released on 14th of this month. This is his first thriller movie as a director and also, he is introducing his brother Dhyan Sreenivasan with this movie.

Now, all must be wondering why is Vineeth scared of Mohanlal! It is because his movie Thira is going to compete with the much-hyped Mohanlal starred movie Geethanjali. It is directed by Priyadarshan. All Mohanlal fans have been awaiting this movie for a very long time. Also, a Mohanlal starred movie is getting released after a gap of many months.

Thira also stars Shobana in a lead role. She is back to the industry after quite a long time. Shobana is now more concentrating on her dancing profession and has hardly committed to any movies recently.

Thira is her latest movie. Meanwhile, Keerthi Menaka is making her debut in the industry with the movie Geethanjali. Both Thira and Geethanjali are very hyped movies and aim a good feedback too. People are awaiting for these two movies and the result will be known as to who will win the battle on November 14!

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