Several Tollywood filmmakers have raised voiced against illegal activities of Dhanalakshmi, the chief officer from the Regional Censor of Hyderabad in the past. During the release of Denikaina Ready, actor-cum-producer Mohan Babu had hurled his anger against her. He had even reportedly filed a complaint against her. The latest director to lose his temper over her rude behaviour is none other than controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who says that he is going to file a criminal case against the Censor officer. On Saturday, Ram Gopal Varma has revealed that Dhanalakshmi harassed him during the release of his latest movie Satya 2.

On his Facebook account, the filmmakers wrote, "I am filing a criminal case on censor officer Dhana Lakshmi on Monday in Nampally criminal court with regards to Satya 2 release for causing harassment,financial loss, overstepping her authority and using abusive language." However, Ram Gopal Varma has been getting an overwhelming support from Tollywood celebs and his fans. Many filmmakers called him over phone and encouraged him to go ahead with his plan and producer Mohan Babu is said to be one of them. We bring you some Twitter and facebook comments written by celebs and his fans in support of the director.

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