Bollywood actress Sunny Leone who was recently shooting for her upcoming film titled Tina and Lolo was injured on-the-sets of the film. She was performing a scene that is high on action when the mishap took place.

Tina and Lolo is an action movie that stars actresses Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna performing some stunts that are quite difficult. The unfortunate event of Sunny getting injured took place when they were shooting for a fight sequence.

The scene required both the heroines to jump over a car onto a few guys that who were shooting at them. The task of the actress was to take the other people down. Read on to know what went wrong. While shooting for this was Sunny Leone was to take down a guy but she instead landed awkwardly with her ribs feeling the full force of the action. The unit quickly helped her from her crunching position and the doctor arrived shortly.

Sunny Leone was lucky that she escaped with just a few bruises on the ribs. The doctor has advised that she needs to be at rest for a few days before she begins shooting. This would have meant that the shooting will stand still for a while but surprisingly Sunny is back in action. She is not taking time off and instead been reporting to the sets everyday.

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