The rumours about the love affair between popular playback singer Geetha Madhuri and actor Ananda Krishna Nandu have been doing rounds in the Tollywood circle for more than a year. Many in filmnagar were wondering as to know when they confirm their relationship. Finally, the actor-singer duo have put all the speculations to rest by getting engaged in a private ceremony on Monday, November 11. Geetha Madhuri and Nandu have been seeing each other for past few years, but the rumours about their relationship started doing rounds a year ago.

Although the couple has been spotted together on various occasion, they were keeping mum on their love affair. They had neither denied the rumours nor accept them. Especially, they have always stayed away from making statements before the media on any occasion. The engagement ceremony of Geetha Madhuri and her boyfriend Nandu was held at a farm house near Nagole, Hyderabad. The event was strictly a private-intimate ceremony and close friends and family members of the couple were present on the occasion. They are yet to finalise a date for their wedding. But sources from their families claim that their marriage is likely to take place in February 2014.

Geetha Madhuri & Ananda Krishna Nandu More Stills

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