1.Get Enough Sleep:
It is very important to get proper sleep. Sleeping too much or less can also induce headache. At least eight hours of sleep is recommended by experts to avoid headache.

2.Avoid Coffee:
This can be one of the causes of headache post workout. And if you think that drinking coffee can trigger headache post workout, then perish the thought. Caffeine increases headache once the effect of the hot beverage is reduced.

Migraine often causes headache after a strenuous workout. If you suffer from migraine and the headache occurs, it is time to consult a doctor. Heavy weight lifting or too much of strenuous exercise can lead to headache.

4.Tension Headaches:
If you are tensed or stressed out before the workout, there are more chances for you to develop headache post workout. One of the natural ways to reduce workout induced headache is, be tension free.

While working out, we drink water only when we feel thirsty. However, you need to stay hydrated before, during and even after the workout. This is another natural way to reduce exercise headaches.

You might get pumped up to workout more energetically, but if you cannot tolerate the loud music, reduce the volume. It can reduce post workout headache to a great extent.

7.Avoid Trigger Foods:
There are many headache trigger foods that you must avoid before and after workout. Cheese, fried foods, heavy meals and red wine can trigger headache.

8.Banana Milk Shake:
It is a protein shake that can boost your immune system and reduce post gym headaches. Both banana and milk increases blood circulation in the body which is good for the overall health.

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