As we all know, most of the movies directed by Major Ravi are military oriented flicks and also, Mohanlal will be playing the lead role in all these movies. Except Mission 90 Days, all the rest had Mohanlal in the lead. Sometime earlier Major Ravi had announced his next movie with Mohanlal. Now, if reports are to be believed the movie has landed in trouble!

The villians are four software engineers - Jis Roy, Ranju Nair, Sen Daviyu and Banerjee S Pillai. These younsters claim that Major Ravi has stealed their script! Yes, you heard it right. The four young chaps claim that Major Ravi is going to work on the movie with the script which they had written.

Major Ravi has slammed these claims and said that it might be a coincidence that both the scripts have the same thread. The script may be having the same oneline but, the movie is surely having different concept, says Major Ravi. The youngsters say that it took them four years to write the script of the movie and they had planned it to make it happen with Major Ravi.

But, when approached Major Ravi, he said that he is too busy and so, they had planned to make the film happen with the help of Joshiy with Prithviraj playing the lead. Things have now gone the other way round when Major Ravi and the youngsters have come up with the same story. It tells the friendship between two soldiers of two different nations. Both of them have decided to move on with their own story!

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