Here comes a movie which stands apart from the rest of Malayalam films, which entertains the viewers from start to end and makes us crave for more. Yes, Thira by Vineeth Sreenivasan is a well directed, well acted, engaging movie which can be termed as paisa vasool.

Movie begins with the introduction of a cardiologist, Rohini Pranab (Shobhana), who apart from her job of a doctor also runs an organisation for women which acts against women trafficking and helps orphaned girls. Things get into trouble when some girls from the organisation get kidnapped.

Rohini sets out on a mission to find those who are behind her husband's murder and who have trafficked the girls. On the same path, we are introduced to Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan), who is in search of his kidnapped sister. Naveen and Rohini meet by chance and come to know that they have the same goal. Rest of the movie focuses on their mission to find the lost ones. Will they be successful? Watch out in theatres next to you.

Confined to a minimal number of lead actors, the pick among them easily being the lead pair, Shobhana and Dhyan. Rohini Pranab will be a role in Shobhana's acting career which is sure to be remembered in a long time run. Once again Shobhana proves why she is still one of the best in the industry.

The surprise factor is Dhyan Sreenivasan. From the family of talents, this youngster proves he got the same in his blood. He just excelled through the role of Naveen. Deepak Parambol got yet another small yet good role. Rest of the cast are mainly new founds and almost everyone have done justice to their roles.

Technical Aspects
Cinematography by Jomon T John is appealing. He has captured almost all the locations splendidly. Music by Shaan Rehman is yet another boost to the movie. BGM keeps us engaged and the songs are well fit in the movie. Editing by Ranjan Abraham is crisp and near flawless. Vineeth Sreenivasan and Rakesh Mantodi deserves applause for the engaging plot they have written.

Summing up, Thira is a treat to the Malayalam movie lovers, who love something different from the usual. Sit and enjoy the two hour journey of the first part of this trilogy.

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