Slim in shape, the tail of these fish are split just like the fantail goldfish. They usually come in white, white and orange or just orange colours. These are best kept in aquariums and ponds.

Comets are a type of goldfish which are slender in body shape and have long single tail fin. They are considered to be strong fish and are hard to handle. Since these fish tend to grow long, they are apt to be kept in ponds or aquarium and not in fish bowls. They come in red orange colour.

3.Black Moor:
These are one of the best combination for common goldfish. Black moor comes in velvety black colour, have telescopic eyes and an egg shaped body. These fish usually donít come in any other colour expect for black. But these fish are said to have a very poor eyesight.

These fish are svelte in body shape like a Comet goldfish. They are the most common types of fish that are found in most of our aquariums. These fish usually have short sleek tail fins. They are also said to be hardy fish which can adapt to any environment.

They have an egg shape body with long doubled or short tail fins. They are beautiful, calm looking and are extremely easy to look after. For those who are keeping an aquarium for the first time, this is an ideal fish. But ensure that you keep them in slightly warm water.

Gold Fish More Stills

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