Ranjini Haridas, the popular Malayalam television anchor, has revealed that she had a serious relationship with a director. She said that she was very much into the relation, but she got cheated as he used her for mere publicity!

Ranjini Haridas revealed this in an interview given to a popular Malayalam magazine. She said that she was very much sincere in love and was expecting the same from him too. But, finally she was cheated by him.

Ranjini, though was cheated by the lover, denied to reveal his name. She said that she do not want to do a postmortem about the past and is trying to overcome with the fact. She added that it is not that easy to get over it easily, but she will surely try for it.

Ranjini also said that she will be very careful in her future life before taking a serious decision like this. She has no plans of getting married in the near time, but confirms that it will happen some day. Also she said that they had a serious two years of relationship after which he ditched her.

Meanwhile, Ranjini will be seen in the lead role in an upcoming Malayalam movie Otta Oruthiyum Shariyalla. Kalabhavan Mani is also seen in the film. Otta Oruthiyum Shariyalla is centered upon the life of Mathew, a taxi driver, who hates women. The movie keeps on tracking the reasons for his hatred towards women. Praveen, a budding actor, who was seen in Nee Ko Nja Cha, will don the role of Mathew. Even though the story stands by the side of men, it is not a film which does not speak against women.

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