Mammootty is very busy as he is travelling from location to another. He was reportedly said to be shooting for his movie Balyakalasakhi in Kolkata few days before. Now, the actor has reached Pala, in Kerala to join the sets of his next movie Praise The Lord. The movie will once again portray Mammootty as the so-called 'achayen'.

Praise The Lord shooting has begun in Pala. The first take for the film started by 12:30 pm yesterday. Mammootty arrives on the sets of the movie, dressed in off-white jubba and white dhoti. A huge crowd were assembled to meet their favorite star, to get a glance of him.

The first schedule of the movie will be for 28 days at Kanjirapally. Other locations of the movie also include Amal Jyothi college and Kanjirapally Cathedral.

Innocent and Indrans are also playing pivotal roles in this movie. Reenu Mathews will once again be paired with Mammootty in Praise The Lord. Their first movie together was Immanuel. Mammootty essays the role of the character Joy in this movie.

TP Devarajan has written the script for the movie. Joy (Mammootty) is an immensely rich Pala based farmer. He is hardly aware of the life beyond his small town in Pala as he didn't get much chance to explore the outside world. But a boy and girl, who are in love, change Joy's outlook on life. This forms the plot of the story. Remember Mammootty was seen playing a similar role in his earlier movie Nazrani and that too in the same place!

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