Samantha is likely to be the next actress for Simbu after Hansika Motwani and Nayantara! Hold on, we are not saying that the Naane Ee actress is the new girl in Silamabarasan's life rather she will be the next actress after Nayan and Hansika to act with him in the forthcoming flicks.

Simbu is currently working with Hansika Motwani in Vaalu, which will hit the screens in February 2014. Recently, he has given a nod to act with ex-flame Nayantara in Pandiraj's untitled project. Now, the actor has also started working on Gautham Menon's movie for which Samantha has been approached.

We all know that Gautham Menon introduced Samantha to films and she has been his favourite actress. It was evident with the director casting her in his last romantic movie Neethaane En Ponvasantham. Now, the director has zeroed in on her again for his forthcoming movie with Simbu and has offered the movie to her, say rumour mills. Has Samantha accepted Gautham Menon's offer to act opposite Simbu? We have no clue about it and we are waiting for the official confirmation from the director.

However, Gautham Menon has started the movie on a positive note after his two back-to-back movies were shelved. He wants to wrap up at the earliest as he is committed to Ajith Kumar's next movie.

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