The Box Office is seeing many hits this year and with many more upcoming releases we are expecting more. However with many big releases next year, dates seem to be the main concern for film makers. Grabbing the right date for a release seems to be of utmost importance currently in bollywood. Actors like Shahrukh Khan(SRK) and Ranbir Kapoor are already doing their part and grabbing the perfect date to release their movies.

Reportedly Ranbir wanted to release his movie in Diwali 2014 , but had to change his plans as SRK already put his foot down to release his movie Happy New Year on Diwali. In what seems to be a very prudent move , Ranbir changed the release date of his movie Jagga Jasoos to October 2 next year that is Gandhi Jayanti , the same date on which he released his movie Besharam this year.

Later it was reported that even Hrithik Roshan has already reserved the date for his movie bang bang. As of now makers of Jagga Jasoos are not planning to move their date which might result into Ranbir-Hrithik clash as the makers of bang bang are certain to release their production on the alloted date. Although one clash is avoided by Ranbir, the Box Office might be seeing a tough competition on Gandhi Jayanti next year.

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