Yes, this picture is indeed that of Vidya Balan begging on the streets outside the Hyderabad railway station. Vidya Balan has taken one more step to prove her dedication for her work, which is obvious through this picture where she is disguised as a beggar for her upcoming movie role in Bobby Jasoos. The picture surfaced online ever since a leading daily posted it .The photo also manged to impress fans as they saw Vidya in a completely different attire.

Vidya sat amongst the beggars outside Hyderabad railway station where a women even gave some money to her. Not recognizing Vidya, the woman even scolded her for begging and not working instead. Vidya Balan has always pushed the bar as an actor and done some unconventional roles just like it seems in this movie too. The photo has created a lot of buzz in the twitter sphere with people actually taking time to believe that it is in fact Vidya Balan!

Bobby Jasoos is an upcoming action thriller movie which will be releasing next year. The movie is directed by Samar Shaikh and produced by Dia Mirza. Vidya Balan is reportedly playing a female detective which will be the first of its kind in India. The movie is slated to release in summer next year.

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